Sásta has a key health message – we appeal to:

Those wishing to achieve and maintain a healthier and fitter lifestyle. We have assisted people to:

– Improve cardiovascular fitness
– Reduce cholesterol
– Improve blood pressure
– Improve skin tone with associated anti-ageing benefits

For the larger client, Sásta is a fast, effective, safe and controlled programme that can be used by men and women up to 31 stone.

Sásta is endorsed by many Doctors and Health Experts – see testimonials. We are currently undergoing clinical trials in the Health and Human Performance Unit of Dublin City University.

Health Benefits

  • Anti-ageing benefits & improved skin tone
  • Reduction in cholesterol level
  • Improvements in sleep patterns & general mood
  • Improved blood pressure

Additional Benefits

  • Drop a clothes size after a course of 13 sessions
  • Cellulite reduction after 5 – 6 sessions
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness in 3-4 sessions