The Benefits of Cardio Simplified!


After having a conversation this week with a client I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss with you some of the benefits of engaging in Cardio. Now, I’m not suggesting that it is the only form of exercise we do but often it can get a bad rep! You will hear lots of conflicting information surrounding different forms or exercises and you need to take these with a good pinch of salt most of the time. The truth is we all need a healthy balance. We all strive to be Fitter, Healthier and Stronger. So yes, we also need to do some weights training but also importantly we need cardiovascular training too. No point looking ripped, toned and feeling strong if we cant run up the stairs without the emergency services on standby! Here at sásta we cater for both types of exercise.(Cardio and weighted)



Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercise, is any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation. When you do cardiovascular exercise regularly, it decreases your blood pressure and resting heart rate. This means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard all of the time. This of course is good for your entire body.

So what are the benefits of using the Sásta pods?

  • Weight Loss – All exercise burns calories. A deficit caloric intake and your body will burn fat and you will lose weight. This will only happen if your caloric intake is less than your expenditure so remember that! No point having a sneaky mars bar and trying to out exercise it if it happens all the time! I’m a huge advocate of ‘everything in moderation’. As long as 80% of the time you are eating clean then whats the harm in having a treat, a glass (or 3!) of vino or a scatter of pints on a Saturday night! My point is, we don’t have to give up on life and its enjoyment just because we are trying to lose weight. So ‘everything in moderation’ means just that. Enjoy those times you can sit back and relax and don’t judge yourself over them.
  • Anxiety and Stress – When you exercise your body releases tension fighting hormones such as Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine.
  • More Energy – You will increase your stamina and reduce fatigue. Now granted you may not feel this at the very start but when you stick with it your energy levels will increase. You’ll be on your way to a more active lifestyle!
  • Lungs – When we move our large muscle groups aerobically we breath faster and deeper. This improves our lung function.
  • Reduces risk of Heart Disease – Being physically active is so important in preventing Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Bones – Weight bearing aerobic exercise such as walking and running helps to decrease the risk of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol – As your heart beats faster it increases blood flow. Blood vessels become more elastic when they are worked and smaller blood vessels widen to deliver more oxygen to your muscles.
  • Pancreas – Improves blood sugar control, decreases stress on pancreas and reduces your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Metabolism – Increased metabolic rate when doing HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, exactly like Sásta.


Aerobic exercise, or “cardio,” might be the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have.

A growing body of research suggests that when we commit to regular workouts that raise our heart rate and get us moving and sweating for a sustained period of time, magical things happen to our body and brain.

We think more clearly, feel better overall, and protect ourselves against some of the cognitive decline that occurs with age, studies suggest.

“Aerobic exercise … has a unique capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression and dissipate stress.”- Harvard Medical School

So there you have it!

I hope i have laid out simply just some of the benefits of Cardio exercise. No matter how slow you think you are going in comparison to the guy or girl next to you, you are still lapping everyone on the couch! Cardio simply means getting up and getting your heart rate up. And that’s the beauty of walking or running, everyone can do it no matter what level of fitness you have. So make today the day you begin your fitness journey to be a healthier and fitter you. Your health truly is your wealth. Getting active is amazing for your wellbeing and is a great opportunity to release those feel good endorphins. Add in the laughs we have in studio and you are on to a winner! Get fit, Get Healthy, Get sásta!

Until next week….Have a great Easter(go easy on the eggs!)ahem……..’Moderation’!! 🙂 Any left over sure you can drop them into me…..!



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