Motivation… Our biggest hurdle

“Nothing worth doing was ever easy”, right? The biggest hurdle we all face when hitting the gym is our motivation to actually go and start or to just keep going!
You feel motivated right now and you think this motivation will keep growing and growing, leading you to start exercising soon. Motivation is what gets you started. Now you may feel motivated after a long day sitting on your couch and you telling yourself that tomorrow morning will be different: you will definitely go for a run, hit the gym or start eating better. Then, next morning, nothing happens!! Where’s your motivation gone? Nobody knows. That’s why motivation sucks. Because it’s never there when you need it. It’s there for all of 10 minutes then POOF…….its gone like a flash in the pan.

Strike while the Iron is hot!

The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, just go do it!
Don’t wait until next week, don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t even wait a few hours! Go and do it right now! Whether it is finishing a race, losing weight, gaining flexibility, looking good in a bathing suit, or living a long healthy life, start small and work your way up to a better and better you. Please, don’t fool yourself waiting for the perfect moment to start chasing your dreams. There is no perfect moment to start anything other than right now!  Strike while the iron is hot!
Do not wait one more second: go to the gym and get that membership, or buy that pair of dumbbells you need to train at home or the pair of running shoes you need… Today is the right moment for you to start. No excuses, no overthinking… Just do it.
The toughest part is yet to come though but you’ve got to keep going. Rome wasn’t built in a day. A warm day does not make a summer(except in Ireland maybe!). But let me tell you that after your first day working out, you’ll feel proud. But also soreness, tired, and many days from this first day you won’t feel like training. Those who workout on a regular basis know I’m telling the truth. We all feel like that one day (or week) or another! But, remember your goals and stay positive. You’ve gotta kick your excuses out of your head and do what you have to do, keep going. A regular training routine is key as you will see constant progress and not want to go back to old habits of lazy days and feeling sore and tired all the time if you fall off the bandwagon and try jump back on where you left off. Like any journey you’ll have good and bad days, great and terrible days, they’re all part of the process. But a process to better yourself on whatever goal you have set. And when you look back it will all be worth it and you’ll wonder to yourself “Why the hell didn’t I start long before I did?” But that’s ok, because you started and that was the hardest part of all.

We’re here to help

We at Sásta are here to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they are: lose weight, gain muscle, tone up or run a 5k or a marathon… You name it. We are also motivators and we will get to know what pushes you to give your best. Everybody is an individual and we will get to know you, guide you and help you anyway we can to make you the best version of you possible. And all this in a fast effective workout, meaning your daily routine is not taken up by hours in the gym. If you haven’t tried Sásta yet then we have a free trial ready and waiting for you. Just call us and we can arrange a day and time to suit you. 0872026382 is our number to call.
What we love at Sásta is the fact that you book what time you want to come in and what suits you. This makes you commit to keeping your booking and helps keep you on track whether you feel motivated or not. But I swear to you that in my 5 years here I have yet to hear anyone ever say to me that they regretted any workout they just did even if they really didn’t feel like doing it beforehand!
So start TODAY, or at the very least book your trial with us now! Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow will become the next day and then the next and the next…………………you get the picture! Our team is waiting to help, because that’s what we love doing!

L-R: Ej, Agne, Claire, Dermot, Paul, Ligi – We look forward to helping you achieve your goals

“Today is my tomorrow. It’s up to me to shape it, to take control and seize every opportunity. The power is in the choices I make each day. I eat well, I live well, I shape me.”

Now get booking!

Until next week,
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