Think Fat Loss not Weight Loss!

Weight Loss can be a touchy subject for most as we all strive to weigh less on the scales. I mean are we ever truly happy with our weight? We would always love to be a few pounds lighter I’m sure but often we can weigh more(or less) than we look. This all comes down to your fat mass versus muscle mass. Dieting without exercise generally leads to a small decrease in your body fat but more often than not a large proportion of your weight loss is muscle mass. Now there’s nothing wrong with that if the number on that pesky scales is what you strive for but does that mean you physically look like that number? Lack of exercise both Cardio and Strength training will lead to poor health and a weak body. You won’t even tone up as the decrease in muscle mass will lead to stretchy skin!

So what do I do?!

First things first…..get active! Don’t focus on the scales but instead how you feel and look. Think fat loss not weight loss!! As your fat mass decreases and your muscle increases you will slim down and look and feel even more amazing than you already do because let’s not forget, everyone is unique and we all strive to be healthier, stronger and fitter. They should be the real goals. At sásta, all we do is give you the tools to help you on your journey. We have the meal plans and nutritional advice combined with the equipment and motivation needed! We love to help, we are here to help, and we will do all we can to help! To start we can help by giving you a Body Composition Analysis. This gives you a full print out of all your stats.

  1. Actual weight
  2. Body Fat %
  3. Fat Mass
  4. Fat Free Mass
  5. Muscle Mass
  6. TBW % (Total Body Water)
  7. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  8. Metabolic Age
  9. Visceral Fat Rating
  10. BMI (Body Mass Index)

But, as I mentioned in my last blog we do so much more than just “Weight Loss”. We do health, we do fitness, we do friendly! We laugh a lot at sásta(probably too much) but that’s because we love the craic! From my “acquired” taste in music, Paul’s one liners, Ligi’s enthusiastic charm and Claire’s friendly chats we all offer something unique, but the one thing we all love doing is helping those who might need a “gentle nudge” in the right direction 😉

So why not come in and meet the gang? We offer a free trial to all who have never tried it before. It doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 116, we can help! Remember that no matter how slow you think you are going, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch. So go on….bring a mate or two, what the hell- bring them all! The more the merrier😀

Until next weeks blog….. 💪🏻

Thanks for reading.


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