Why did we start Pilates classes at Sásta?

Pilates has been a huge contribution to the way my shape and posture has transformed in the past couple of years.

Here is why……..

Having been a person who suffered from chronic back lower pain in the past, I needed something to improve my strength in my lower body.

My core muscles were so weak; I didn’t have the strength to lift my legs off the floor.

My back pain was a major barrier for many aspects in my life.

My flexibility was also interfering with my sporting career, I would find it difficult to bend down to pick up a football at training or in a game, after most games I needed physio as my lower back & glutes were under a lot of pressure due to my inflexible hamstrings& Quadriceps muscles.

My posture was pretty bad being quite tall at 5″8, good posture would be vital for my body to be able to move correctly.

I found sitting and standing for long periods of time was very painful.

Back pain can be due to a person’s occupation, weight gain, pregnancy, injury, or incorrect mechanical movement (not bending your knees when picking something off the floor)

I would have myself performed most movement using my back instead of my core muscles.

In March 2016 I attended my 1st Pilates class and have never looked back since.

I was taught how to activate my core muscles and the pressure was released off my back.

I have reversed my back pain and replaced it with a very strong core.

I now have excellent flexibility.

When I saw how much of a difference it made in my own body alignment I decided I wanted to help other

In September of 2017, I completed a Pilates teachers course with body firm Pilates studio in Dublin, where I learned various movements from beginners right up to advanced levels.

Every movement has its own way of improving posture, alignment, flexibility and muscle strength.

Pilates is not just a quick fix it’s for life!

Your only given one body my advice is to keep it flexible and strong and you will have fewer injuries & physio trips. 

I have been teaching Pilates for over a year.

And in my time I have thought beginners, intermediate & advanced Pilates.
Having done that I have found that Pilates has many benefits:

  1. Activation
    You will be thought to activate your core muscles into working throughout each pose.
    This takes the pressure off your back and you will become more conscious of how you use your core muscles.
  2. Centring.
    Keeping a neutral pelvis is vital in doing Pilates as it takes the pressure off your weaker joints.
    (Hips & knees)
  3. Posture.
    Is defined as the position or alignment of body parts.
    – In Pilates, you will be thought poses that will help improve your posture.
    – Retraction & protraction (bringing your shoulders forward & back)
    – Anterior tilt and posterior tilt (rotation of pelvis forward and back)
    – Neck flexion (raising your neck forward).
  4. Strength.
    Throughout a Pilates class, your body is using its upper and lower body strength to perform the movement, your strength determines your ability to perform these movements Pilates strengthens your back, core, arms leg and neck muscles so with consistency your strength will increase 😀
  5. Flexibility.
    Muscles are like elastic bands,
    If they are not stretched like they are supposed to then become short & tight ( postural muscles)or long and weak (phasic muscles)
    In each Pilates move, you are stretching your muscles changing their length allowing your body to be able to perform day to day routines without injuring muscles.

I hope this is information is useful.
I will be there to answer any of your questions.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Pilates.

Sonia 😀
Sásta Abu 💚


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